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History of Dermazone Solutions Canada Inc.

Dermazone Solutions Canada Inc. began selling and promoting its clinical skin care line ‘Celazome Skin’ within Canada in January 2010, with the opportunity to bring these popular skin care products from its U.S counterpart, Dermazone Solutions Inc. Dermazone Solution Canada Inc. has created a strong sales force with a key focus to improve the quality of people’s lives with advanced skin care management. The Calgary based company began selling the Celazome skin care line within western Canada and has since broadened its reach across Canada, showing that not only it is an advanced skin care line, but that is also a strong contender in the skin care industry.

Company Facts

Research – For over thirteen years, Dermazone Solutions has completed research and product development in its on-site laboratories. It does not test on animals.

Testing – Clinically tested and guaranteed to meet pharmaceutical standards for quality, all Celazome products are proven to remain stable and active for two years after the manufacture date.

Formulas – Delivering only the finest ingredients via our Lyphazome natural technology, Celazome products achieve astonishing results that are visible in three weeks or less for most people.

Concentration – Through Dermazone’s natural Lyphazome technology, at least 80 percent of bioactive- and moisture-loaded ingredients reach their target, providing 75 times the concentration found in other encapsulation products. The remaining 20% begin to work immediately on the skin’s surface.

Reputation – Leading dermatologists, plastic surgeons, aestheticians, podiatrists, hospitals and spas around the world recommend and use Celazome products.

Product Line – There are a total of 30 products within the Celazome product line. These products are specifically formulated for various skin types, concerns and treatments. With a range in cleansers, toners, moisturizers, SPF’s, masques, anti-aging treatments and body moisturizers, Celazome products have many benefits to offer.


Katlin Gage – Director of Sales for Dermazone Solutions Canada, Katlin Gage is a graduate of Bishop's University and holds a degree in International Business and Marketing. Katlin has a passion for skincare, and loves to see how products that truly deliver results can literally change the lives of others, both inside and out.

Press Coverage

Dr. Cohen on Canada AMhttp://watch.ctv.ca/news/top-picks/which-is-better/#clip627880

  • Being a leader in cosmetic and medical dermatology procedures, one of Celazome’s physicians Dr. Paul Cohen had the opportunity to talk about some of his preferred products, including Celazome on Canada AM.

Tradeshow information…

  • Canadian Aesthetic Medicine Summit, May 4th, 2012
  • Celazome is a featured sponsor

Revive Magazine

  • Celazome products were featured in the Summer 2011 edition of Revive Magazine
  • SPF 29, SPF 30, O-PLEX Acne Regime and Penetrating Body Lotion were highlighted
  • Read the issue online at http://www.revivemagazine.ca/summer2011.html  

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Karli Ellis
Marketing Coordinator